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Post Apocalyptic Food for Thought

My friend recently moved out of the UW dorms and passed on to me a backpack full of emergency supplies that he claimed were given to him when he moved in there.

The bag contains food and water rations, in addition to first aid accessories - all the typical post apocalyptic survival stuff. Nothing too special, but the food ration did stand out to me:

It's just a big solid brick. What could be inside, I wonder? What color is it? What's it taste like? How would you eat it? How would you split it amongst fellow survivors? If electricity was still around, could you microwave it? If you had unexpired packets of condiments, would they go well with this mystery substance? How long could you make it last?

These questions boggled my mind, until I took a walk down Eastlake Ave the other day (not too far from campus) and saw a familiar looking package on the side of the road, flattened by a car:

I know that the first exposure wasn't meant to be like this, but still, it's pretty safe to say that the apocalypse is not going to be fun for picky eaters such as myself.

There will be no convenient access to teriyaki or hamburgers in the future.
There will be no pizza, salad or unlimited breadsticks.
There will be no late night gyros.

But there will be a swarm of people fighting like dogs to lick this "food" off the road.
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