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MST3K madness

When I was in high school, MST3K and They Might Be Giants were my two biggest fandoms (my car is proof of this)

I always wanted to see a MSTing live. Sure, the guys at Alamo Drafthouse are pretty funny, but they take their style after the Best Brains crew. I wanted to see the ACTUAL Brains live...

And tonight I did, at Cinematic Titanic... a vampire film set in 1920s Mexico but shot entirely in the Philippines with Filipino actors, badly dubbed into English with generic Mexican accents.

The crew was stellar... they riffed it just like the old days, with great timing and wit all around.

And as the show ended, with the lights coming on and everyone exiting, the speakers for the theater started to play Birdhouse In Your Soul, arguably my favorite TMBG song.

Both fandoms are still alive to this day and I love it!

I could say a lot more about past and present and all that mumbo jumbo... but I'll just end it with my meeting of Joel at Scarecrow Video:

From IRC:
[21:03] [rattran] Joel's not the stoned looking one for a change
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