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Random China Photos: Arcade Series

"Turk man, take a photo because this is just too great. Latest IIDX on a brand new machine, and NO lines! NO WAITING! I can play as much as I want! THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AT A.I. AHAHAHAH !!!"

That would be Bill, who was happy to finally get a proper IIDX fix after years of trying to find an unused machine in SoCal.

Chris challenges you to beat his high score. Can you cheat like he did?

Lucas, after throwing hundreds of hours away on the iPod bubble wrap game realized touch screen technology could be used for other games.

David kept coming back to this game. He put enough money into the machine that could have easily been spent on a real car.

We're all amazed by Bill's IIDX performance. Or at least me, the only other bemani player :P

Wish Bill could have been in this shot, but then we would have had to give the camera to a stranger and the arcade was already getting pissed off by this point with all the photography.

Regardless, this arcade was too great... Two Jubeats, Pop'n 17, two sets of GFDMV5, GFDMV6, DDR X, and just to make the gwai lo happy, an EXTREMELY out of place hunting game:

I already miss Hong Kong, so I must settle for its cleaner, less sleazy Canadian equivalent: Vancouver.
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